The Death of a Leaf

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The miracle and beauty of a leaf as it trembles in the breeze and soaks up its last rays of sun.

The Death of a Leaf

A dew drop balances on the tip of a dead leaf soon to tumble to the ground.


The Death of a Leaf


A leaf lives for a moment in time absorbing nutrients and sunlight creating oxygen.


20140822-DSC_0010-Edit 1218 Final


A dead leaf falls from a plant but nourishes the earth so that new growth can be created.


20140817-IMG_0464-Edit-Edit-Edit 1218 Final


A leaf has a purpose, a beauty in life but also in death.


20140821-DSC_0173-Edit 1218 Final


Look closely at how its colors change from green to tones of rust, red and yellow.


20140817-IMG_0463-Edit-Edit 1218 Final


A dead leaf forms, lines, curves and contortions that create wild and lovely shapes.


20140821-DSC_0163 1218 Final


The Death of a Leaf.


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Brickell, Miami’s Cultural Neighborhood and its Architecture

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Brickell has grown into a major cultural area with theaters, such as the Sanford and Dolores Ziff Ballet Opera House, the Carnival Studio Theater, Adrienne Arsht Theater and other Performing Arts centers. Also found in the area is the Perez Museum, under construction the Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium and nearby the Children’s Museum and many others. Creative and exciting architecture and public areas beautifully adorned with palms, flowers and parks provide leisure spaces for visitors.




Brickell Village is a small neighborhood in the middle of this beautiful area overlooking the sea where  many restaurants and cafes cater to locals w ho enjoy evenings and weekends with friends. As a photographer what fascinates me is the way the contemporary architecture mingles with the “Miami Style,” as I call it, which is a combination of Spanish and Art Deco buildings.



Buildings of glass reflect architectures that seem to be alive with the flavor of the Latin music that is heard in the clubs and restaurants. The shapes, lines and colors dance to the rhythms of the culture of the area. Recently I have taken images of the buildings that show how these architectures reflect the style of the area.





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Art at the Airport Exhibition, WPB Airport Fl

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My image “The French Countryside” will be exhibited at the Palm Beach International Airport from July 9th to October 8th.  The photo won a Merit Award in B&W 2014 Portfolio Contest and is currently published in the June special issue.

It is very exciting for me to have the opportunity to participate in this exhibition and display a location that I have loved and enjoyed for many years.  Please stop by and enjoy the exhibition.


French Countryside



For more photo’s of this beautiful countryside go to my blog post:

The Miami Summer Music Festival & The Architecture of Frank Gehry’s New World Symphony Theater

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The first Miami Summer Music Festival began with a performance by young talented musicians from around the world selected to study in Miami. They are challenged to perform in symphony, opera, chamber concerts, piano recitals and competitions in order to develop their ability to adapt to the world stage.

The opening program under the direction of Conductor – Michael Rossi, and Stage Director – Robert Dundas was captivating. The program of Richard Strauss, Don Juan, tone poem for orchestra, Op.20, Franz List, Piano Concerto No. 1 in E-flat major and Giacomo Puccini, Sour Angelica was beautifully performed.

Ryo Kaneko, winner of Miami Summer Music Festival Piano Competition was commanding. And Suor Angelica performed by Marinel Cruz was captivating. Along with a cast of vocalist and young musicians, these students will take the stage in performances with world-renowned orchestras well prepared due to the dedication of music professionals and incubators such as the Miami Music Festival.

New World Theater

Last nights performance was at the New World Theater in Miami. Designed by Frank Gehry, the theater is a unique ultra modernistic design that embraces  high tech acoustics and visual accessibility in the round.


New World Theater


Miami is a culturally rich and diverse city that  embraces a dynamic artistic environment. This program started by Michael Rossi along with FIU and MSMF Opera Institute is worthy of the publics support.

New World Theater

Some images of the theater.



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Jonathan Dickinson Park Exhibition

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Two of my photo’s were accepted in the juried contest of Johathan Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound Florida.


June 20th – July 21st

Entry Fee $5

If you enjoy outdoor sports, this is a wonderful park for biking, equestrian, hiking, water sports, fishing and camping. It has a very interesting history and some remnants of its roll in WWII are still evident.

There are wonderful photography opportunities of the train track and expansive views from the lookout tower.

Johathan Dickinson State Park

Kimbell Education Center

16450 SE Federal Hwy

Hobe Sound, FL 33455





Johathan Dickinson State Park



Johathan Dickinson State Park



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Black & White Magazine Merit Award

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Black & White is a leading photography magazine that conducts photography contests in Single Image and Portfolio images yearly. The magazines distribution is 35,000 worldwide. With about 9,500 images submitted in the 2014 portfolio contest, three of my images won a Merit Award and are included in the Special Edition #104 due in the Newsstands soon. It is an honor to be among the outstanding photographers who won this year.

My photos were taken in the Burgundy region of France. Having lived in Europe for many years, we most often traveled on the back roads and through the countryside whenever possible. The French countryside is my favorite, and to me the most romantic. I am absorbed with the tranquility, graceful fields filled with sunflowers, vineyards, quite villages and elegance of the architecture.

I have written a blog post with additional photo’s that I invite you to view.

The following three photo’s are published in the magazines 2014 Portfolio Contest Winners Special issue.


French Countryside


French Countryside


20120903-French Countryside 6, France, 2012

Grassy Waters Preserve West Palm Beach, Florida

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Grassy Waters Preserve is located in West Palm Beach, Florida offering  23 miles of wetland trails for nature seekers eager explore the wetlands.

Gassy Waters

The Cypress Board Walk, Hog Hammock Trail, Apoxee Trail and Owahee Trail are just a few trails I’ve hiked with my hiking group.

Grassy Waters

An array of nesting birds and other wild life such as alligators, deer and turtles etc. can be seen in the wild. Flowers, wetland hammock, cypress swamps, pine flatwoods and vast views of beautiful landscape sometimes with herds of deer off in the distance can be seen.

Dragon Fly

The reflections of a variety of trees are  a photographers dream.

Grassy Waters Preserve

School programs, hiking, canoeing, kayaking with one of the naturalists is available through the nature center. Trail maps and any information you might need can be obtained through one of the staff members.

Grassy Waters

I advise checking in with the center if you are not an experienced hiker. Even for vacationers, hiking through Florida’s wetlands is not only a learning experience, but seeing Florida and all its natural beauty.

Grassy Waters

Grassy Waters Preserve8264 Northlake Blvd.West Palm Beach, Florida 33412(561) 804-4985

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