Nicaragua – Volcano’s, Colonial Architecture and Welcoming People

The country with its dramatic landscape, lakes, rain forests, jungles, volcanoes, markets and welcoming people is in transition. Its colonial cities such as Granada and Leon are colorful, a photographers paradise.


The population is 95% catholic and there are many churches; a colorful country with buildings, doors and dwellings painted in bright tones. Tourist are discovering the culture and beauty of the country and there is a transition under way.


Those who are not afraid to experience adventure, traveling the country by car can be very rewarding. The landscapes with cone shaped volcanoes, lakes, beaches and pastures are dramatic.


Although the infrastructure is only just beginning to be developed, there are a few good highways and many of the roads are challenging but drivable. We traveled from the North-west to the South-west of the country, parallel to the Pacific Ocean coast line, visiting the major inland cities.


Although the driving is slow it also allows you to see  rural life and stop at the small food stands along the way. I highly recommend renting a car and experiencing the country and culture.


It should be said that speaking Spanish is a must. Although you can find a few people in the cities, particularly in the hotels that can speak English.


I can’t say enough about the warm nature of the people. In general they live in dwellings that are built from any type of material that can be found, many with dirt floors and within their property they are cleaning and sweeping to maintain an orderly environment constantly.


Their dwellings are often built in the jungle under trees for shade, smoldering fires are lit to keep bugs away. They are friendly, and more then willing to engage in an attempt to converse, or have you take their photo.


They love music, dancing and being together with family. Their neighborhoods are a close community of people and they are hard  workers.


It also must be said that the common areas are filled with trash and my guess is that the country doesn’t have the infrastructure to handle trash removal. The beaches, crowded with locals all the time, are not well maintained. High-end condos for foreigners are in the process of being constructed along the coasts, but the small villages, small hotels, restaurants and roads are inadequate to handle large numbers of tourist.


Having said this, we ate in the local restaurants and found the food to be not only delicious and fresh, but we totally enjoyed everything about them including all the local activity and entertainment.


It was fun to spend  time being  locals for a little while. The food is very inexpensive and there is no need to eat at higher end restaurant. We visited cantinas, small little eateries, beachfront restaurants and the local markets and never had a problem.


It is always best to be aware of eating in local places, it can be risky, but although we brought along all the medication we needed, we never had the need to use them.


Adventure travelers will find hiking, volcano sliding, zip lining, surfing and many other sporting adventures to explore. There are 25 volcanoes, 9 of which are active. Hiking them opens dramatic panoramas in every direction.


It is time to visit Nicaragua now and enjoy this interesting country before progress changes it.

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~ by Patricia Turo on January 14, 2017.

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  1. Wonderful Patricia. Your photos show you all had a great experience over Christmas. Fantastic opportunity.



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  2. Lovely travelogue.


  3. Cuán preciosas fotos.


  4. Thank you for that, Connie. Having lived in Nicaragua for three years, your photos and descriptions makes it good to remember. Keep up the good work.


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