Italian recipes for a Holiday Gift & Crocante con Mandorle

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I have written several posts in the recent weeks with recipes that make great gifts. Giving something you have spent your time and effort on is always a great way to show people the importants of their friendship. During the holidays I prepare several of my favorite recipes-those that lend themselves to the spirit of the holidays and prepare gift packages for each of my friends.

Buying different dishes from flea markets for example or funky containers can be fun to search for during the year. You can also cover boxes with textiles or glue wrapping paper and items you find at a craft store to make your own unique packaging

I make my own greeting cards with photo’s that represent the items I include in my gift and print them on a photo internet site. Print out the recipe in colored script and rolled them up, tied with a…

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Annecy France, a tableau of color

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As summer approaches and people head for trips to Euorpe, be sure to visit Annecy if you are visiting France.

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Annecy is in the southeastern part of France. It lies on northern tip of Lake Annecy in the Haute-Savoie surrounded by mountains where goats and cows quietly graze in alpine pastures. Farms along the route produce and offer chèvre for sale and beautiful chateaus can be seen behind tall majestic trees.

During the 1400 hundreds, it was in the possession of the Genevois and the Princes of Savoy and later under Sicilian, Sardinian, Spanish, Austrian and finally French rule. You can clearly see the influence of these countries in the cuisine. The production of salami can be found in shops and farm stands throughout the region. Some stuffed with hazelnuts or rolled in crushed peppercorns and herbs. Large ones, small links, soft and hard varieties are produced by small farms in the area.

The old village (Annecy-le-Vieux) rambles along the Canal du Thieu where passages along the…

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Harness Racing

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Deep fog was not in my plans when I awoke at 5:30 AM to shoot the sunrise at Sunshine Meadows Equestrian Center in Delray, Florida. I thought this could be interesting anyway and drove to the stables. I could barely see the horses slightly visible through streaks of mist moving silently over the corals.

Harness Racing

The atmosphere was mystical as I drove up to the racetrack.

Harness Racing

I could see trainers leading their horses in and emerging out of the fog.

20150323-DSC_5724 1218 Final

And then the sky started to turn pink, then bright gold, it looked like they were trotting to reach the rays of sunlight casting gold light on their coats with their mains floating in the air.

20150315-DSC_5343 1218 Final

It was captivating watching this unfold and my plan to shoot the sunrise turned to capturing these beautiful animals and their trainers.

20150328-DSC_6848 1218 Final

It became a passion and I returned many times.

20150411-DSC_8986-Edit-Edit-Edit 1218 Final

I know nothing about harness racing except to have attended a few races in the vineyards not far from our home in Switzerland. I began to see personalities in the horses and the relationship between the horses and trainers.

20150323-DSC_6540-Edit-Edit-Edit 1218 Final


The trainers even seemed to look at their young horses in amazement.

20150323-DSC_5762 1218 Final

The power of their limbs and their gracefulness has lured me back many times.


20150330-DSC_8000-Edit 1218 Final

The trainers, owners and staff are engaging and have accepted my presents, although sometimes wondering what I’m doing so early in the morning taking photos. As they leave to go up North for the summer, I will miss my visits to Sunshine Meadows and look forward to their return in October.

20150323-DSC_5746-Edit 1218 Final

Spend a few moments with me and enjoy these beautiful animals and their trainers.


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Art Basel Miami 2014 and The Wynwood Art District

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The day started with some rain and then the sky opened up with bright sunshine on Wynwood’s colorful wall art.

Art Basel Miami,Wynwood 2014

The international community has descended on the streets as artists and visitors alike speaking many languages open galleries and take paint brushes to the walls of buildings.

20141204-DSC_0262 1218 Final

Connecting collectors and introducing new collectors with galleries and artists is in full swing.

20141204-DSC_0032_01 1218 Final

It isn’t surprising that art fairs spread in satellite exhibitions around Miami with artsy Wynwood being one of the most popular.

20141204-DSC_0283 1218 Final

The transformation of what was once a manufacturing district into an artist canvas with painters creating colorful images on everything from cars, buildings, walls and even garbage containers.

20141204-DSC_0254 1218 Final

Photography, sculptures and experiential art have attracted an international community of artists and collectors.

20141204-DSC_0127_02 1218 Final

Basel House and other pop up galleries displaying emerging artists draws tens of thousands of art lovers and opens up a world of “must see” art.

20141204-DSC_0037_01 1218 Final

As the show begins and the parties start until the wee hours of the morning, I took to the streets to watch and join in the excitement.

20141204-DSC_0153 1218 Final

What people are doing on the streets of Wynwood.

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Fire Fest at Johathan Dickinson State Park

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Division of Forestry and Johathan Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound, Fl had a Fire Fest with a controlled burn. The focus is on fire safety and the importance of forest management.

Johanthan Dickinson State Park

The growth of community development close to wildlands and the growth of vegetation has made the management in these areas riskier and complex.

20141018-DSC_0113_01-Edit 1218 Final

Tribal, federal, state, and local governments partner in the management of these areas and community preparedness strategies.

Inviting the public to talks given by the firefighters and a demonstration of an actual controlled burn is an effort to educate families to get involved in the use of the community wildlands and its wildlife.

Safty is of key importance as large numbers of families joined the fest for a day of activities.

Look for information on their website for the next Fire Fest.

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk

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Each year Scott Kelby hosts a worldwide photo walk. Organizers from photo clubs around the world select a location in their area to highlight .  This year PBC Photo Walkers, a group that I’m a member of, choose Green Cay in Boynton Beach, right in my back yard.  I joined about 50 photographers to photograph the nature preserve at sunset.  The park is about 1.5 miles of boardwalk with various plants and wildlife abundant and easily photographed.  The challenge is that the selection is not the best location for a sun set meet and this isn’t the best time of year to photograph animals or birds, as the migration has not yet begun.  But having said that, it is important to search of interesting shots and challenge your skills.

There is a contest by Scott Kelby that the photographers can participate in and the selected photo’s will be posted on his website.


Here are some of the images I shot.


20140603-DSC_0661 1218 Final


20141011-DSC_0275 1218 Final


20120603-DSC_0492 1218 Final



20141011-DSC_0171 1218 Final


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The Death of a Leaf

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The miracle and beauty of a leaf as it trembles in the breeze and soaks up its last rays of sun.

The Death of a Leaf

A dew drop balances on the tip of a dead leaf soon to tumble to the ground.


The Death of a Leaf


A leaf lives for a moment in time absorbing nutrients and sunlight creating oxygen.


20140822-DSC_0010-Edit 1218 Final


A dead leaf falls from a plant but nourishes the earth so that new growth can be created.


20140817-IMG_0464-Edit-Edit-Edit 1218 Final


A leaf has a purpose, a beauty in life but also in death.


20140821-DSC_0173-Edit 1218 Final


Look closely at how its colors change from green to tones of rust, red and yellow.


20140817-IMG_0463-Edit-Edit 1218 Final


A dead leaf forms, lines, curves and contortions that create wild and lovely shapes.


20140821-DSC_0163 1218 Final


The Death of a Leaf.


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