Panettone: A Traditional Sweet Bread is a Symbol of Christmas Greetings

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A traditional sweet bread made at Christmas time, panettone was created in the Lombardy region of Italy and is the undisputable holiday favorite. Scholars have traced panettone back to the middle ages. The dome shaped sweet bread is traditionally made with candied fruits, zest and flavored with liquors. Today you can find it with chocolate chips and other ingredients. It is less like a cake then light fluffy sweet bread. The use of natural yeast results in a dough that rises slowly. The rising time can be as long as 48 hours. The long leavening contributes to the long shelf life, which can be as long as 6 months. Italian bakers take pride in the age of their leavening and some are maintained over many years.

It is eaten in Italy with a glass of white wine and in earlier time generally served as a dessert. Panettone is recognized in…

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~ by Patricia Turo on December 21, 2016.

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