The Wimmlet (Wine Harvest)at Jürg Obrecht Winery in Jenins, Switzerland

This year’s harvest is in full swing in the Bünder Herrschaft.


Last year I had the fortune of photographing Jürg Obrecht and his team harvest and process the grapes.


With urgency and passion, the activity was intense as the temperature in the evening was beginning to drop.


Not a minute could be wasted in getting the grapes into the crushers and vats.


The moment to harvest is decided with experience, gut and closely watching the weather.


Jürg took over his father’s winery (Weinbau & Weinhandel) in 1997. Along with his young family he built a team of talented people to develop and create innovative and traditional wines.


Added to the production of his own 17 acres of vineyards he buys the harvest from another 50 acres of vineyards in Jenins and Maienfeld.


Surrounded by spectacular views of the Alps he produces excellent and award winning red and white wines.


Jürg modernized his production with the newest techniques and equipment to generate top quality wines.


Eighty percent of the grapes he grows are Pinot Noir, the rest are mainly Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling  and Sylvaner.


I thank Jürg and his team for tolerating my camera and me and for the lovely glass of wine.


It was hard to shoot and drink at the same time, but as always I found a way and completely enjoyed the experience.

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~ by Patricia Turo on October 1, 2016.

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