Harness Racing

Deep fog was not in my plans when I awoke at 5:30 AM to shoot the sunrise at Sunshine Meadows Equestrian Center in Delray, Florida. I thought this could be interesting anyway and drove to the stables. I could barely see the horses slightly visible through streaks of mist moving silently over the corals.

Harness Racing

The atmosphere was mystical as I drove up to the racetrack.

Harness Racing

I could see trainers leading their horses in and emerging out of the fog.

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And then the sky started to turn pink, then bright gold, it looked like they were trotting to reach the rays of sunlight casting gold light on their coats with their mains floating in the air.

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It was captivating watching this unfold and my plan to shoot the sunrise turned to capturing these beautiful animals and their trainers.

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It became a passion and I returned many times.

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I know nothing about harness racing except to have attended a few races in the vineyards not far from our home in Switzerland. I began to see personalities in the horses and the relationship between the horses and trainers.

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The trainers even seemed to look at their young horses in amazement.

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The power of their limbs and their gracefulness has lured me back many times.


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The trainers, owners and staff are engaging and have accepted my presents, although sometimes wondering what I’m doing so early in the morning taking photos. As they leave to go up North for the summer, I will miss my visits to Sunshine Meadows and look forward to their return in October.

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Spend a few moments with me and enjoy these beautiful animals and their trainers.


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~ by Patricia Turo on April 19, 2015.

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  1. Patricia – These captures are beyond fantastic. What a remarkable series…well seen and magnificently captured.


    • Thanks Lynne, I have spent a lot of time and it has become a passion. I still have so many photo’s to process, but most of all I have loved the people and the beauty of the horses.


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