Art Basel Miami 2014 and The Wynwood Art District

The day started with some rain and then the sky opened up with bright sunshine on Wynwood’s colorful wall art.

Art Basel Miami,Wynwood 2014

The international community has descended on the streets as artists and visitors alike speaking many languages open galleries and take paint brushes to the walls of buildings.

20141204-DSC_0262 1218 Final

Connecting collectors and introducing new collectors with galleries and artists is in full swing.

20141204-DSC_0032_01 1218 Final

It isn’t surprising that art fairs spread in satellite exhibitions around Miami with artsy Wynwood being one of the most popular.

20141204-DSC_0283 1218 Final

The transformation of what was once a manufacturing district into an artist canvas with painters creating colorful images on everything from cars, buildings, walls and even garbage containers.

20141204-DSC_0254 1218 Final

Photography, sculptures and experiential art have attracted an international community of artists and collectors.

20141204-DSC_0127_02 1218 Final

Basel House and other pop up galleries displaying emerging artists draws tens of thousands of art lovers and opens up a world of “must see” art.

20141204-DSC_0037_01 1218 Final

As the show begins and the parties start until the wee hours of the morning, I took to the streets to watch and join in the excitement.

20141204-DSC_0153 1218 Final

What people are doing on the streets of Wynwood.

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~ by Patricia Turo on December 5, 2014.

2 Responses to “Art Basel Miami 2014 and The Wynwood Art District”

  1. Wonderful collection. I love that in many photos of Wynwood I’ve seen the people become one with the art during Art Basel. I must go next year!


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