Black & White Magazine Merit Award

Black & White is a leading photography magazine that conducts photography contests in Single Image and Portfolio images yearly. The magazines distribution is 35,000 worldwide. With about 9,500 images submitted in the 2014 portfolio contest, three of my images won a Merit Award and are included in the Special Edition #104 due in the Newsstands soon. It is an honor to be among the outstanding photographers who won this year.

My photos were taken in the Burgundy region of France. Having lived in Europe for many years, we most often traveled on the back roads and through the countryside whenever possible. The French countryside is my favorite, and to me the most romantic. I am absorbed with the tranquility, graceful fields filled with sunflowers, vineyards, quite villages and elegance of the architecture.

I have written a blog post with additional photo’s that I invite you to view.

The following three photo’s are published in the magazines 2014 Portfolio Contest Winners Special issue.


French Countryside


French Countryside


20120903-French Countryside 6, France, 2012


~ by Patricia Turo on June 4, 2014.

One Response to “Black & White Magazine Merit Award”

  1. All beautiful — my favorite is the first with the light on that lone house.


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