Wynwood – Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk

Yesterday some hundred photographers participated in the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk.  These walks were scattered around South Florida but The Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk is organized every year at locations around the world.  I choose to go to one of my favorite places in Miami, Wynwood Art District.  Several models arrived with outfits from th 80’s, the theme for the event.  Our models did a great job modeling for this group in the sun until late in the afternoon.  It is always difficult to take photo’s with such a large group, but meeting photographers from around Florida and dinner at one of the local restaurants makes it worth the effort.

There is one woman that I have photographed before who arrive with an unexpected guest.  She managed to make being pregnant look wonderful and sexy. She is colorful and full of fun, so forgive me if I added a few more photo’s of her then anyone else.




Flowing Skirt

The proud parents

Happy Hour

Preg woman 900 nwm _edited-1

I’m always looking for the perfect Latin look.

Girl with band900nwm_edited-1

Girl with hat

Girl with bandana900wmeyes_edited-1

And there always has to be Black & White.

Black & White Sil

Black hat pink lip 900 nwm B&W_edited-1

This little guy just could’t wait until it was over.

boy pic bench900 nwm_edited-1


~ by Patricia Turo on October 6, 2013.

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