My Favorite Season – Graubunden Switzerland

Hiking in the mountains is invigorating as we pass people parasailing, white water rafting, motorcycling, mountain biking, horse back riding, all taking advantage of the cool days in the mountains during the summer.


The sunsets paint the sky in tones of red, orange and yellow.  Thunderstorms echo throughout the mountains and when they leave they seem to say “I’m sorry for making such a fuss, so I’ll leave you with a rainbow”.

Klosters900 BW wm no boder_edited-1

The valleys spring into life as flowers turn the hills and meadows into shades of blue, yellow, red and white and their sweet aromas penetrate the air. Restaurants are crowded with guests enjoying eachothers company surrounded by flower covered houses. The Summer!

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In the Autumn the trees turn yellow and orange and the cows are escorted down to the valley as the air becomes crisp and  snow threatens.

Cows pass 900 now_edited

Farmers rush to sickle down grass and stack the hay in barns for the winter.  Cows, sheep, goats and horses are now grazing in the valley, their last chance to roam free.

farmer sickling hey

The vines are heavy with deep blue and yellow grapes ready to be harvested. The wine fests begin!

vinyards blue netting nwm 900

I love looking out over Serneus as I hike down from the mountain and  the Summer gives way to Autumn colors. I think this might be my favorite time of the year. The Autumn!


At the first sign of snow the villagers move into action preparing for the arrival of the ski season. Anticipation builds up to the  lifts opening. I’m sorry to see the Autumn come to a close, but one of my favorite seasons is around the corner.

St Mortiz 900nwm_edited-2

My favorite moment is when I walk out of my bedroom in the morning and view the  light snow peacefully falling over the village from my picture window.  The church steeple reaches out to greet the soft flakes and the ski run begins to take shape behind it.

Serneus stepel 900 nwm_edited-1

Klosters turns from green to white with ice clutching the edges of the mountain streams.


Thoughts of skiing alone down wide open slopes with views that carry you to the ends of the earth begins to sweep over me.  The Winter!

Sertig Bridge

In early Spring the snow covered peaks provide a backdrop for the green rolling hills against a deep blue shy and the contrast is amazing, yes this is my favorite season.

house fields St An 900 nwm_edited-1

The blue and green colors of the lakes are translucent as the sun penetrates the water.

Vamala Gorge

Mountain streams are swollen as rushing water flows from the glaciers. Deer can be spotted along the hills nibbling at the new grass after a long winter. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. The Spring!

River Monbiel 900_edited-1

I can’t quite make up my mind which is my favorite season.

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~ by Patricia Turo on May 28, 2013.

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