Delray Shows Florida How to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

The “Village by the Sea” showed how big it was yesterday when thousands of people created a sea of green along Atlantic Ave for the St. Patrick Day Parade.

St Patrick's Day Delray

People waited for hours securing their places along the street complete with picnics and well-stocked coolers.

St Patrick's Day Delray

Dressed in costumes and adorned with green beads adults and kids cheered as the parade marched by.

St Patrick's Day Delray

The police, military, fire department, business community, and local bands as well as invited guest groups handed out hats, beads and candy to children scrambling to catch them.

St Patrick's Day Delray

The expressions on the kids faces and the families and friends who gathered for the event to enjoy the day together made it the most fun for me.

St Patrick's Day Delray

And of course the beer flowed well into the evening.

St Patrick's Day Delray

They came for a celebration and Delray presented a display well worth waiting for.

St Patrick's Day Delray

Photo’s of the people who joined in the celebration.

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~ by Patricia Turo on March 17, 2013.

4 Responses to “Delray Shows Florida How to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day!”

  1. Patricia, These are fantastic! You really captured the fun, the craziness and the people.


  2. Great job … I’m in love with the little freckle-faced boy.


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