The French Countryside

It is autumn and the sunflower fields have been newly plowed leaving about a foot of stocks protruding above ground.

French Countryside

The plows have made a pattern across the rolling hills emphasizing rows of  yellow stocks contrasting with the brown earth.

French Countryside

The clouds roll over the landscape swallowing up the sun as they go. Rays of sun struggle to keep the earth lit and warm creating brilliant shadows over the hills.

French Countryside

It is so serene that you can hear a bird chirp or a roster crow.

French Countryside

It is stunning and I pull over alongside the road to take in the view and renew my love of the French countryside.

French Countryside

I am in the Chablis of the Burgundy region heading to the Jura. It is taking me longer then usual because I want to take mental pictures and also photograph these romantically beautiful scenes.

French Countryside

I want to be able to close my eyes and remember the light, shadows and shapes.

French Countryside

I sit there in my car and wonder who created this, where do they live, do they see the beauty that I see in what they must consider laborious, tiring work.

French Countryside

Do they know they have created a tableau that moves the senses and fills the mind with peace and wonderment.

French Countryside

How can I tell them that I appreciate their work of art.

French Countryside

Maybe by just recalling those autumn days with you.


~ by Patricia Turo on March 4, 2013.

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  1. pure poetry


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