Flagler Museum – A visit into the life of Henry Flagler

Henry Flagler is an example that not everyone has to take the traditional route in life to be successful.  We see it again and again that some people defy the norm and do great things. Having left home at the age of 14 he pursued his fortune in the grain industry, salt mining and production business. After joining JD Rockefeller and Samuel Andrews who founded the Standard Oil Company, He helped to establish the business trust, which made it possible to conduct business in many states from a single corporate office. Flagler started the Flagler Florida East Coast Railway and was a key figure in the establishment of agriculture and tourism in Florida. Henry Flagler’s name takes a prominent place in Florida’s history.

Whitehall, his winter home was built in 1902 and designed by John Carrére and Thomas Hastings in the Beaux Arts Style. The home, located on Cocoanut Row and Whitehall Way in Palm Beach is open to tourists. There is also a Café des Beau-Arts that serves lunch Tuesday through Sunday.

Complete information on the tours and the estate can be seen on the website http://www.flaglermuseum.us.


The slide show is a sneak preview of Whitehall.

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~ by Patricia Turo on July 25, 2012.

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