Northwood Village in West Palm Beach, FL

A lucky mistake landed us in Northwood Village and after a short stroll we were making plans to come back. A Palm Beach restoration project brought this neighborhood back to life and it belongs to everyone who visits. Home to Art, antique, interior decorating shops and galleries filled with items that reflect the style of the 1940’s – 1960’s. I felt that I had truly missed but found a period in time that brought out not only the elegant life style of that period, but when color and beautiful furniture decorated the homes throughout the region. Shops are stacked with decorative items that I just wanted to spend hours sifting through. Being an Art Deco fan, this was my candy shop. If my husband didn’t prod me to move on in every shop, I probably still could be found searching in some corner.

When you need nourishment between searches, there are many restaurants, café’s, coffee houses and bakeries ready to feed you and keep you going. At “Bistro, Bistro, The French Bakery” you can have an authentic pâté served with real French bread by friendly owners who are thrilled to speak French with you. This little French Bakery cooks up the real thing and you can easily put together a French picnic to take to the beach or on a boating day or just take home for a French light evening meal maybe with some nice French wine. You know, the French love picnics, and a variety of pâté and country terrine are perfect. I wish this bakery were right next door so that I could just walk over and fill my French food desires anytime. They also have specials, soups and desserts.

We stopped in at Jade Kitchen for dinner and almost walked into the open kitchen. White tables and comfortable white couches fill the small space with views of the busy kitchen activities. The food is fusion with specials from Asian to Mediterranean.

Sunset Bar & Grill constantly changes the tables around so that you never get board with the surroundings. There are Jamaican, Chinese and Italian restaurants ready to fulfill your food preferences.

After dinner we stopped in a coffee-house to listen to jazz and drink an espresso. People sat around on comfortable chairs, someone was sketching the singer, another danced to the the sultry voice of a jazz singer and base musician. Strangers became neighbors enjoying a few nice moments together.

This friendly neighborhood has an “Art & Wine evening every time a new business opens welcoming their new friends in style. Street artists, musicians, craft vendors line the street to entertain you as you stroll in and out of the little shops. The historic neighborhood of Northwood Village is located just one mile north of downtown West Palm Beach between Broadway and North Dixie Highway.

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~ by Patricia Turo on May 1, 2011.

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  1. We’re glad you stumbled across Northwood. We’d love for you to check out China Beach Bistro (409 Northwood Rd, West Palm Beach). Stop by anytime and ask for your Northwood Neighborhood Preferred Card and you’ll receive 20% off your check at China Beach until Novembers — and will soon receive savings at other Northwood retailers. The card is free to get, just ask the hostess.


    • Thank you for the invitation. I will surly visit China Beach Bistro the next time I’m in Northwood. I plan to visit often and soak up the wonderful atmosphere.



  2. Great review of a local area. I must admit I know little about the area though I did go to Jade shortly after they opened. I know feel compelled to go back and check out what else Northwood has to offefr.


  3. Seems like a neat little area. Definitely checking it out next time I’m in WPB. Do you have a favorite restaurant in Northwood Village?


    • I am also discovering this neighborhood. I think the fun part is going yourself and enjoying the discovery.

      Thanks for the comment.



  4. Hi there! It was great to stumble onto your blog!! I live in the area, and “liked” Northwood Village on Facebook….though I’ve only driven through…have yet to stop in yet. I did win a gift certificate for a coffee place there that I can’t wait to use ($20), so hopefully hubby and I will make it down there soon.

    Loved your review…makes me want to get down there sooner than later.

    Denise @ Creative Kitchen


  5. It looks as if you are making S Florida home. I heard you and Joan got together at her house. I’m happy you guys became friends. I can’t wait to meet you both personally and I’m going to try to make it happen this month. I’ll keep you posted


    • Hi,

      So nice to hear from you. Can’t wait to meet with you. Joan and I talked about trying to get together and we would be willing to come to Miami. I’m having a good time with new friends.

      One of my photo’s was selected in the “All Florida Photo Exhibition” and will be on display at the Boca Raton Museum from the end of June to September. If you happen to be in the area stop by to view the exhibition it is quite fantastic.

      See you soon I hope.


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