Foodista Best Of Food Blogs Cookbook is in Bookstores!

Over the last two weeks I have received and read many emails from the winners of the “Foodista Best Of Food Blogs Cookbook”. The excitement of each blogger at seeing their recipe and blog published in the first food bloggers cookbook has been an unexpected part of this experience.

Media events are being planned in many cities across the US and world by the winners to highlight the efforts of food bloggers and their passion for cooking. It is not enough to say that this is an exciting cookbook because all of the participants have a story to tell. Many recipes represent family traditions and this is really what defines this cookbook. It is not just a collection of recipes found often in many other cookbooks, but recipes that the authors take great pride in presenting to the public because they grew up with them. Often they have a very local twist that can’t be found in recipes created in test kitchens or even by professional chefs. It proves that good food can be produced by those who care about representing the best of traditions and passing them on to be created over and over again by those who become part of their family just by preparing them.

Thanks to Foodista for putting a face onto the many unknown home chefs around the world who have something to offer and to tell their stories. Their enthusiasm, commitment and creativeness in their efforts to bring the book to the attention of the world has brought this group together in ways that will define a new way of looking at cooking.

I am proud to be one of them and to have met them via this cookbook. My contribution to the Foodista Best Of Food Blogs Cookbook book can be found at:



The Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook can be bought at Barnes & Nobles, Boarders, and

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~ by Patricia Turo on October 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Foodista Best Of Food Blogs Cookbook is in Bookstores!”

  1. Patricia…first of all…you go girl…congrats for being picked ;o)

    Secondly, I didn’t know you when this wonderful recipe of yours was posted. I do love desserts with nuts and this certainly will be added to my repertoire!

    Ciao and have a great week,


    • Hi Claudia,

      I’ve been traveling and very busy with this Foodista cookbook. It has been wonderful communicating with all the winners. There are media events going on in different States and we are trying to get one going here in Boston where I will be until Christmas. The recipe is an old family recipe and I’ve only seen it in some villages in the Gargano area in Puglia where my family comes from. It is by far my favorite cookie, but tedious to make.

      Nice to hear from you, hope all is well. I’m a little behind in posting and reviewing recipes.



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