A No Bake Dessert that is Fast & Pretty: Ricotta Truffles

There aren’t too many desserts that are not high in calories and fat. Also something you can make that is fast and pretty. Ricotta truffles are easy to make and you can use a variety of coatings according to your taste. It takes very little time and the only requirement is that they must be refrigerated until you serve them.

I like to make them with coconut, pure dark and milk cocoa powder and crushed pistachios. But other coatings such as chopped dates, any kind of chopped nuts or chocolate shavings in any of the different flavors available. It all depends on how many calories you want to add. They are pretty, flavorful and you don’t have to know how to bake to make this dessert. In fact people will ask you what they are made of because you can’t tell that it is Ricotta.

A friend of mine introduced me to these at a lovely Italian dinner in Milano. I’ve also used low fat Ricotta when we have been on a diet using only dark chocolate as a coating and a sweetener, and they can also be served to a diabetic.

Ricotta Truffles

Recipe Summary
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Yield: 30 balls

1 cup confectionary sugar
1 cup good quality cocoa powder (no sugar added)
1 7 oz. package shredded sweet coconut
1 lb. of whole milk ricotta

Mix equal amounts of ricotta and powdered sugar and place the mixture in the refrigerator until it hardens to the point of being able to roll into a ball.

Roll out into small balls the size of chocolate truffles. Roll 50% of them in the cocoa powder and 50% of them in the grated coconut. Keep them refrigerated until you are ready to serve them.

It is possible to prepare them in the morning and serve in the evening. However, they will only stay a few days in the refrigerator and are never as good as when eaten the same day.

~ by Patricia Turo on August 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “A No Bake Dessert that is Fast & Pretty: Ricotta Truffles”

  1. This is a great idea, Patricia. I’m definitely going to try out this recipe.


  2. Beautiful! These would be great for parties. Would love to try. Thanks very much for sharing.


  3. Patricia….if there’s someone smiling right now…it’s my Hubby who adores Ricotta in any recipe.
    Yours is so incredibly easy to put together.

    Thank goodness you’re here to show us your very simple and tasty recipes ;o)

    I can see these treats rolled in crushed roasted nuts…my favourite coating ;o)

    Ciao for now and flavourful wishes,


  4. Yummy. I will try these out for our next spread at work.


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